The most common repairs we fix on a daily basis are:

- iPhone 7 and 7 plus " No Audio Device Found" , No Sound, Greyed out Speaker Issues, Audio IC repair

- iPhone Touch IC Disease / No touch Issues

- iPhone No Backlight / No Image

- iPhone Water Damage Data Recovery

- iPad Digitizer Connector Repair / Any FPC connector

- Pry Damage Repair

- iPhone No Charge / No Power / U2 (Tigris, Hydra) ic controller

- Samsung Charging Port / iPad Charging Port / Tablet Charging Port

- Hardware level iPhone 4013, 9, 4014, 4005 Error Repairs

Has your iPhone recently died on you and you can’t figure out how to bring it back?

Maybe your touch buton on the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t working anymore?

iPhone backlight super dim and unable to see anything on the screen?

Have no fear, we fix it all!

Board level repairs are our specialty and we perform that type of repair on all iPhones & iPads. A lot of customers are very angry that they can’t get their phones working and are at their wits end, when it comes to fixing their phones.

Apple will tell them that they have to pay $329 for an old refurbished phone.

Don’t even think about paying that much, especially when we can fix it for you for much less, and at the same quality or higher!

Normally the phone will still work just fine, it’s just one single part that needs repaired, so there is no reason to buy another phone completely.

Don’t do it. Don’t let Apple price gouge you or convince you that you need another new phone.

We’ve fixed 100’000s of phones and tablets.

Each repair that we perform comes with a warranty, so you can be rest assured that your phone will work perfectly for a LONG time. We are so confident that we’ve created videos of ourselves on YouTube fixing other people’s devices. Fill out the form above to get a quote!